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Drill Creation Webinar with Larry Huras – Technical Director fo Hockey Coach Vision

In this informative webinar, participants will learn how to create animated drills. Furthermore, they will master each step from beginning to end.

After you watch this webinar, you will get a valuable insight into executing passing and precise timings. Moreover, you will learn how to do regroups, master the art of body contact, and achieve deflections. This session offers a comprehensive guide to creating the ideal practice scenarios for hockey excellence. Even if you’re a coach seeking to improve your team’s performance or a player eager to refine your abilities.

Larry is an original Co-founder of HCV and our technical director. He is a former professional ice hockey player, who after his playing career became a professional hockey coach, today with over 25 years of experience as head coach in Europe (France, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Germany, and Sweden). In that time his teams have won 7 national championships and 4 European Cups. His knowledge of European and North American hockey is the result of his contact with some of the best hockey people in the game.

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Hockey Coach Vision Team

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