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the NEW Portal Design

Your federation, club or academy Portal can now shine in the customized colors of your organization. A Portal will allow you to build a large library of files and very easily create custom store packages of animations as well as videos and share them with every member of your club on Coach or free Player apps without any time or size limits. Content managers will be able to edit all of the packages, while members will only see what’s set as ready.

Create and Edit Portal packages

All changes to your Portal packages can be done right from your HCV-Coach app. Adding files to a package is as easy as it is with normal packages, simply drag and drop a file onto a Portal package to upload it. Every uploaded file gets the FLAG of the Portal, and also gets an upload key, if it needs to be refreshed. It is a quick and easy way to share large packages between coaches and the entire organization without any size or time restrictions.

Are you ready for your Portal?

If you believe the Portal would benefit your organization, please get in touch with us! We would be very happy to set up a demo for your organization via an internet video chat, to show you and your coaches all of the new features.