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Drill Drawing Basics Webinar held by Larry Huras – a Technical Director of Hockey Coach Vision.


This webinar is aimed at all of our new coaches. Some of them have joined our HCV Team since the summer. The others have been here before but might be looking to improve. Additionally, this webinar is good for coaches who are looking to improve their drill drawing skills. Moreover, follow the steps in creating a mid-level drill. The focus is on how and when to use timing points as well as how to create drill templates. This is good for creating drill progression animations.

Larry is an original Co-founder of HCV and our technical director. He is a former professional ice hockey player, who after his playing career became a professional hockey coach, today with over 25 years of experience as head coach in Europe (France, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Germany, and Sweden). In that time his teams have won 7 national championships and 4 European Cups. His knowledge of European and North American hockey is the result of his contact with some of the best hockey people in the game.

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