Break Out Basics 2vs2

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D1 and D2 step up over the blue line, pivot backwards then go to retrieve the puck. D-men then work together to beat imaginary first forechecker by making a low D to D pass, D to D reverse pass or call for the D puck carrier to “Wheel” the net (continue skating.). F1 and F2 must read the D and make adjustments to their skating patterns to time getting into their break out positions. -After break out, F1 and F2 circle out to middle zone, around the waiting players and back in 2@2 against D1 and D2.

Key points

F in the middle of the ice on the break out, cut across in front of the net “low and slow” to be positioned slightly behind the F taking the pass on the wall. D-men gap up quickly and try to force attack wide while playing tight 1@1 coverage against each attacker. D must talk to let partner know whether to trade off forwards, in case of a crisis cross, or continue person to person coverage