D to D Breakout

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After winning the puck, the D man takes the puck to the corner. He turns as fast as he can towards his right D and passes the puck (D to D pass) who slides backwards behind his goal. Turn towards the boards and make a quick slide, the right D man takes a few steps and passes the puck to his right-wing. The centre is paying close attention to the timing and provides support. The centre slides at full speed towards the opponent's third, and the right-wing after passing a full sprint slides in front of the opponent's goal and prepares the screening. The left-wing, after entering the centre in the third looks for an option for a shot from the middle (from the high slot). After the shot, the player in front of the goal is ready for the rebound.

Key points

The centre must support the wings. Quickly as possible reach the opposing third. After the shot be ready for the rebound
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