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Shoot for stick-on first shot. Shoot to score with traffic and drive for rebound on second shot. After second puck/situation is overpass comes from corner to D and it’s a 2 on 2 where D’s are offensive players and FW’s are defensive players. D’s tries to score/get the puck on the net. FW’s tries to block shots/pressure shots outside the net. D’s needs to keep moving and move the puck to find lanes. They may also deke the FW’s to gain inside a position to get shots on net/score. Make it a competition: D’s 2 points for goals and 1 point for shot on net FW’s 1 point for blocked shots or shots outside the net.

Key points

Stick on ice and head up Good screen and rebound drive Head up on blue line to freeze FW in shooting lane Move your feet on the blue line to find shooting lane Get open to receive the pass on the blue line Find the lane first to make D hesitate, then put pressure/take away his time. Make sure you don’t get beat to the inside by D’s.
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