Larsson Shake and Bake

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P1, P3 and P4 all have pucks. On the whistle, P1 starts up along the wall under light pressure from P2. P1 and P3 pass to each other at the same time then P1 cuts back down along the wall exchanging pucks with P4. P1 cuts back again up the wall, exchanges pucks with P3 one more time, circles around P3, goes in and shoots. After the shot, P6 lays a puck along the wall behind the net for P1 who takes the puck and passes to P3 coming down into the high slot.

Key points

After P4 passes, he moves across in front of the net into a position to get the rebound off of the P3 shot. After passing to the slot, P1 drive to the near post for a rebound. Pass and shoot in movement. Keep your feet moving.
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