Panther Power Play 3@1

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This drill is set up like a small area power play. Two players from each team set up with one on the side wall and one on top of the circle. Players should play in the positions that they would play in a game situation. The Coach starts play by chipping a puck to the middle of the zone creating a race for the puck. The player that gains control of the puck passes to his team to set up on offence. The other player must now defend in the middle of the triangle and try to take away pass and shot lanes.

Key points

To ensure that both teams get an opportunity to score and to encourage quick attacks, the team that initially gains the puck must score in the first 10-15 seconds of puck possession or the Coach signals a new puck in play and passes a new puck to the other team for 10-15 seconds of play. Goalies and the defender are encouraged to clear loose pucks to their teammates as quickly as possible to start their 10-15 seconds of attack time. Rebounds are live. Game can progress to 3@2 by placing an extra defenseman on each faceoff dot to begin play. This defenseman can only defend.
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