Red Wings PP 3v2

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Two nets are set up on the goal line in front of the face-off dots. One point shooter/passer from each team is placed above the circles facing their opposing goalie. The Coach starts to play by chipping a puck off of the end boards to create a 2@2 battle for the puck. Upon recovering the puck, the player moves it quickly up to his point man as other players set up in a small 3@2 power play situation. The point man should move laterally to provide pass and shot options from above the circle.

Key points

Encourage shooting the puck and crashing the net for rebounds. Low players should also work on their screening techniques. To encourage shooting the puck quickly, the Coach can use a shot clock where the players have to get a shot off within 10-15 seconds or the puck is turned over to the other team.
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