Tumo Box (Ringette)

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Set up four lines of players behind each of the blue lines on both sides as shown. Optionally, you can arrange players "F,D,F,D.etc" to ensure your Fs only work offense, and Ds only work defense. The drill begins with a hard diagonal pass from the defending side, to the offensive side (that pass should be received over the blue line). The offense that receives the pass will skate to the middle and execute a drop pass middle ice to her teammate (in their defensive zone). The 2 v 2 begins. The Defense will pick up their players (man-on with the player they were diagonal to while in line). When the attack on the net is complete, players will get back in line on their opposite side, opposite diagonal. Then, the drill begins in the other direction.

Key points

Skating middle with the ring (fast), making crisp passes, and moving the ring while under defensive pressure. Passing to teammates that are 'covered but open'. When receiving the ring, turn from covering the player and skating away. Cutting outside to receive passes (both in the neutral and offensive zone). Calling for the ring, pointing the stick to where they want to receive the ring (on the forehand). Driving nets using dekes, fakes, and/or passing to score. D: Man-on coverage. (goal side inside). Using the principles of contain, channel, and check. G: Goaltending
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