Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. On which platforms can I use Hockey Coach Vision ?

    We currently have a COACH and a PLAYER version. Both are available to use on iPads, Macs, Android tablets and Windows PCs. Additionally, the PLAYER version is also available for iPhones and Android phones. You can find all of the available HCV app versions in the SUPPORT section of our website under subcategory DOWNLOAD.

  • 2. Can I use my account on every platform ?

    Yes. If you bought HCV, you got your personal account which will allow you to login on all our supported platforms (iPad, Android tablet, Win and Mac).

  • 3. What happens if I delete my HCV app ?

    You will lose all of your local user content. So please do NOT delete your app in case you want to re-install it. Contact us if you need any help!


    Note: When you update the app, you don't lose your local files. Only the program data gets overwritten but your local files stay.

  • 4. How can I share my files / packages ?

    You can share your files / packages by using the SHARE feature within the app. To share a file, simply select it from the FILES BROWSER in your HCV app and press the share button (envelope icon). The receiver will receive an email as a notification and your file will be placed in his INBOX within the app. He has 2 weeks to import the file, before the sharing link expires.

    Please note that the receiver of the shared content doesn't have to necessarily own the COACH version of Hockey Coach Vision. We have a free PLAYER version that will allow the receiver to view the shared content.

  • 5. Can I use Hockey Coach Vision on multiple iPads at the same time ?

    No, you can only use one HCV app at a time per platform.So, for example, if you have a new iPad and want to start using HCV on it, you'll need to logout of the app on your old iPad first!

    To make sure all your files will get onto your new iPad follow these steps:
    Step 1: On your old iPad, select your file in your FILES BROWSER in HCV, and press the SHARE button (envelope icon).
    Step 2: SHARE the file with your own HCV account email adress. (repeat Step 1 and Step 2 for every file you want to transfer)
    Step 3: Logout of the app on your old iPad by clicking on the Logout button in the coach settings within your HCV app.
    Step 4: Start HCV on your new iPad and login. 
    Step 5: Go into your INBOX, which is located in the coach settings, and import all your files that you've shared in Step 1 and Step 2.

    We are actively working on developing cloud sharing between devices and accounts to improve your user experience. Once it is developed this process will be fully automated, so stay tuned. It will be released soon with an update.

  • 6. How can I sync my files between my HCV apps on different platforms ?

    To transfer your files from one device to another, you'll need to share them with our in-app sharing function. Just make sure that the receiver of your file is your own HCV (Coach version) email adress. This way, the shared files will be visible in your inbox which is located in coach settings within the app.

    Here's a detailed step-by-step process how to share files between your devices:

    Step 1: Open HCV on your old device where all your files are.
    Step 2: Select ANIMATIONS and under FLAGS select MY FILES
    Step 3: Now you need to select each file individually and press the SHARE button (envelope icon).
    Step 4: Follow the instructions of the SHARE function (You need to share the files with your own e-mail address. You can create a Coach in your roster with your e-mail address so you don't need to type in the email address for every single time you share a file).
    Step 5: Once you have shared a file, open HCV on the device to which the files will be imported (if it's a device on the same platform, don't forget to logout on your old device first to avoid log in issues).
    Step 6: Open the Coaches' corner (man silhouette icon in the top right corner of the screen) and then select your INBOX.
    Step 7: All of the files that you have shared with your own e-mail address should be in your INBOX. Select them one-by-one, and press DOWNLOAD.
    Step 8: After downloading them, all these files should appear in your main list, flagged as 'imported'.

    Please note that all the files that you have from the Drill Store, are still in the PURCHASED folder, so they don't need to be synced in the steps described above. You can just download them again.

    We are actively working on developing cloud sharing between devices and accounts to improve your user experience. Once it is developed this process will be fully automated, so stay tuned. It will be released soon with an update.

  • 7. Will I get all future updates with my purchase ?

    Yes, we will constantly update the app with new features. To stay tuned about updates, please subscribe to our newsletter on the home site.

  • 8. Do I have to animate every exercise ?

    No, you don't have to animate all exercises. The "Video / Picture" feature allows you to store your content as picture or video files. Simply capture your content (for example with your iPad camera) to use it within HCV to have all your knowledge at one place. For a more precise instruction about this process, please watch our video Tutorial 9: Picture And Video.

  • 9. Why can't I see my drills ?

    Because you most probably have selected a TAG or LEVEL. If your drill hasn't this TAG or LEVEL assigned to, it won't be displayed in the list. For further help, please check out the video Tutorial 7: Browsing Files.

  • 10. Some events on the timing-line are disabled. Why ?

    Puck events are disabled because they influence multiple players. Puck events will be enabled within the next couple of updates so stay tuned.

  • 11. Is there a possibility to export HCV animations as video files ?

    Unfortunately, HCV does not provide this function. You could work around it to record what happens on your screen. The easiest way would be to use a program (for example Reflector) to mirror the app onto your computer, and then use Screenflick to record your computer screen images to a video file.

  • 12. What format does the video importer support ?

    If you import videos with your Mac or Windows version, your video format needs to be mp4. If your video has a different format, you should use a software like Handbrake (free) to convert your video file into mp4. With a program like Handbrake you can simply choose the iPad preset, so the video will be perfectly formated for all your devices.

    If your converted file is still over 10MB you have two options:
    1. Try to shorten your video lenght by cutting your video with a video cutting program.
    2. Lower the video output quality settings in Handbrake when converting your video file.

  • 13. How can I buy a package from the Drill Store ?

    You can buy drills in the Drill Store on our website:

    Due to Apple restrictions we are not allowed to put this information into our app.

    Note: You need to have a Coach version account to buy a package from our Drill Store. Your purchased package will be downloadable within your HCV Coach app in the Packages list, in the PURCHASED folder. After you download the package, all files will be visible in your FILES BROWSER in HCV.

  • 14. I purchased HCV in 2015, now when I start the app I need to login, why ?

    We changed the pricing model since December 2015, so we had a registration period in November 2015 for early users that bought the app before that time. If you missed the chance to register in November, you can send us the Apple receipt of your purchase to and we'll create an account for you.