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Webinar with Larry Huras on Developing Hockey Sense in Young Players

Small Ice Games are a great way of having young players learn how to think the game through game-like situations in small spaces. Long-time professional Coach and Hockey Canada instructor, Larry Huras, will take us through a series of Small Ice Games that are fun to play while working on a wide variety of skills as well as building spatial awareness that will improve your player’s decision-making skills.

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New FREE DRILLS in your SIG and STARTER packages

Dear Coaches, We are currently working on refreshing several drill store packages, adding new drills to them, and retagging all of the files with a new Tagging system. We will announce each update step by step, so stay tuned and follow our Newsletters or News section here! In all the free packages, you currently have over 340 animated drills and video files, so don’t miss adding them to your own drills.   Refresh STARTER packages There is no longer a Starter Package, but new Starter Youth…

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British Inline Youth

Would you like to improve your player’s inline hockey skills? Look no further as we have the right package for you with videos and animated drills, progressing from technical to tactical to game-like situations! The British Inline Youth package is aimed at coaching players aged U12 to U16 with an emphasis on individual offensive and defensive skills that allow the coach to teach players an understanding of the 4 player roles and develop hockey IQ through a series of small area games. It contains a series of 57 animated drills and 20 videos to…

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