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New SWEDEN U-16 package in Drill Store

If you are looking for new drills that require some thinking and that will allow your players to develop creative skills to utilize in different ways, then the Sweden U-16 is the perfect package for you! The small games used in this package are great for working into full-ice situations we meet in the games. There is a competing focus in these drills because training under stress is great practice for transferring into games. These drills are good for players in U16 to Pro level…

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new FREE Drill Store package from the TCS Live Conference

HCV has teamed up with The Coaches Site to bring you this special offer. For the next 2 weeks only, we have a FREE Drill Store package for you. Just open the Packages List in any of your HCV apps and you will find the TCS Live package in the PURCHASED or FREE folder. Make sure to download it now, so you will have it saved in your Library! The package highlights lessons shared at the TCS Live coaching conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan in June 2022 and provides step-by-step instruction on how…

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NEW UPDATE 2.6.0 released!

Dear Coaches, We have released our big new Update 2.6.0 with many new features and improvements, that will help you be more efficient with your practice planning! Before you update, we encourage you to secure your files using our Cloud backup feature. To do that follow these steps: Open the settings menu within the HCV app. Select the Sync changes button, wait till it has synced your files successfully, then close the app. If you have your account on multiple devices, you should repeat these steps on all your devices. To update your app on Windows…

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