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Ringette Advanced

We have a new Ringette Advanced package available for you in the Drill Store! 💪 This package contains various Ringette Advanced Drills and concepts aimed at coaching players aged 14-19 with a focus on ring movement, defensive coverage, offensive attacks, shooting, and overall Ringette IQ 🧠 Many of the drills are very tactically focused as well as working on overall skill development. The small area games work on skills, tactics and above all…having fun! This package was put together with the assistance of competitive…

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Euro Pro 79

This Euro Pro 79 package is the third of the Euro-Pro series. Like the previous EP packages, these drills and small area games are designed for top-level players from U14 to Professional players. One of the goals of Hockey Coach Vision is to connect coaches from around the hockey world to share knowledge and advance our game. These drills come from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic, Norway and Germany. The drills and small area games cover all aspects of the game…

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Hockey Glossary

Coaches play a big role in educating their players about the language (ex. Forechecking, Backchecking, Breakout, Deking) used in the world of ice hockey. That’s why we’ve created a useful tool for you! – The Hockey Glossary package. To access Hockey Glossary, simply sign in to your HCV app (whether with a Player, CoachLimited, or Full Coach Account) and download the package from the FREE folder. What is the Hockey Glossary? The Hockey Glossary is a summary of terminologies that are often used in the…

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