and benefits


The DRILL CREATOR allows you to easily digitalize your drills and tactics


Watch all your plays using various 2D & 3D-perspectives and add audio comments to them


Share your content with your players and staff


Export your practice packages and lineups as PDF, so you can share them or print them on paper


Create monthly plans by placing your practice packages and notes into your calendar

Video & picture

Collect all your knowledge, including Pictures and Videos within Hockey Coach Vision. This allows you to integrate video demonstrations and photos into your practice planning

Inline hockey

Switch the rink background and player animations to inline hockey

Drill store

Get animated drills, videos and tactical files created by professionals

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Cloud synchronization

Save all of your data in our cloud. Simply sync your files between your devices with a click of a button

Roster & lineup

Build your team roster to create your daily lineups, that can be printed or attached to a practice plan


Available in multiple languages


Access content from your organization.

Share huge libraries of drills, tactics, and practice plans within your organization. This ensures the delivery of high-quality content to everyone in your Portal and allows you to build your knowledge base. We would be happy to arrange a demonstration and give you a quote for your club, association or federation. Please contact us for more information!

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Available on

Mac, Windows, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, Android phones