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Our drill store now offers the new ELITE PRO drill package! Coach Alex Andjelic has created an impressive collection of offensive and defensive drills. Moreover, All of these drills are made for players from PRO to U16 level. Alex, one of our coaches and contributors, has accumulated years of experience on a professional level. Moreover, he was working with various professional teams across Europe and North America.

These drills play a pivotal role in player’s development and team success in ice hockey training. Offensive drills will refine players’ scoring abilities, passing accuracy, and puck-handling skills. Additionally, they will nurture creativity and teamwork, resulting in cohesive offensive strategies that lead to victory. On the other hand, defensive drills are indispensable for fortifying a team’s goal protection, maintaining proper positioning, and thwarting opponent attacks. These drills focus on discipline, communication, and anticipation, ensuring a well-organized and effective defensive unit. Collectively, offensive and defensive drills help well-rounded teams capable of both scoring and preventing goals. Nevertheless, this will form the foundation for success in ice hockey.

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