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We have new off-ice packages!

Tis the season… the off-season, we mean. Right now is a perfect time to get the players off the ice and focus on improving their strength. Moreover, now is the time to improve the overall conditioning of the players, while going into the next season.

Off-ice practice is of paramount importance for ice hockey players. It complements on-ice training, allowing athletes to enhance their physical conditioning, strength, and agility, which are critical for peak performance on the ice. Off-ice workouts build endurance, speed, and power, enhancing a player’s overall athleticism. Additionally, it provides opportunities to focus on specific skills like shooting, stickhandling, and fitness that can be challenging to address during on-ice sessions. Overall, off-ice practice plays a pivotal role in developing well-rounded, resilient, and highly skilled ice hockey players.

On that note, two new off-ice packages are available in our drill store:


The packages were developed by coach Patrick Schöb, a renowned Swiss expert for off-ice athletic coaching. He has been the off-ice conditioning coach for various high-performance teams in Switzerland as well as being one of the top consultant and conditioning coaches for the junior national program.

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