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Dear Coaches,

We have rolled out a new update with several important and eagerly anticipated features:

  1. CLOUD
  2. SYNC

We will introduce these new features step by step. This initial News section focuses on CLOUD SYNCHRONIZATION, which empowers you to synchronize all your files across your devices with a simple click. Like all HCV updates, this feature is provided FREE of charge and ensures the backup of all your files, eliminating concerns about losing your drills.

To set up your cloud backup, follow these steps:

  1. Install the new update over your existing HCV app. Do NOT delete your old app since your files are stored on it. Just install the new app over it.
  2. Launch your updated app. During the initial startup, expect a slightly longer wait time as file migration sets up your files for cloud synchronization. If your screen goes dark for a few minutes, don’t worry; this is a normal part of the file migration process. Simply wait until the process completes, and you see the main screen.
  3. Access the settings menu within the app and choose the Sync changes button.
  4. Keep your app open until all your files are successfully synchronized. The initial synchronization may take some time, depending on the number of files you have.
  5. Once your files are synchronized, you can perform the same process on your other devices, ensuring consistent content and setup across all platforms.
  6. Whenever you create a new file, you’ll receive a notification that your files are out of sync, prompting you to press the Sync changes button. This action will securely store your files in the cloud, making them accessible on your other devices.

For your players or coaches you connect with using their HCV-Player app, ensure they have the latest Player version to view the files you’ve shared with them.

If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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