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Dear Coaches,
We’ve released a new update with many important and long-awaited features:


We will introduce the new features step by step. This first News section is about the CLOUD SYNCHRONIZATION, which allows you to sync all of your files between your devices with a click of a button. This features, like all new HCV updates, comes FREE. It will back up all your files, so you never have to worry about losing your drills.

To set up your cloud backup, follow these steps:

  1. Install the new update over your old HCV app. Do NOT delete your old app as your files are on it. Just install the new app over it.
  2. Start your updated app. On the first startup, you need to wait a little more than usual, because the file migration is setting up your files for the cloud sync. If your screen goes dark for a few minutes, not to worry as this is normal as your files are being migrated. Just wait until the process is finished and you see the main screen.
  3. Open the settings menu within the app and select the Sync changes button.
  4. Leave your app open until all of your files are synced successfully. The first time this might take a while, depending on the number of files you have.
  5. Once your files are synced, you’ll be able to do the same on your other devices, enabling you to have the same content and setup everywhere.
  6. Every time you create a new file, you will get a hint that your files are out of sync, so you can press the Sync changes button again. And voilà, your files will be safely stored in your cloud and retrievable on your other devices.
  7. For your players or coaches that you connect with using their HCV-Player app, they must have the latest Player version, to see the files that you shared with them.

If you need any help, always feel free to write our support team.