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We added a new package to our Drill Store. The EURO PRO 77 is the next chapter in the Euro-Pro series created by Larry Huras. These drills and small area games have been collected from many different sources in Europe and North America. Therefore, they represent the rich diversity of how we teach and play the modern game.

Larry collected many of these drills while actively participating in the European Champions League. Some of these involve Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Furthermore, these drills suit players aged 16 years and above, with most being adaptable for younger players. They cover various aspects of the game, encompassing warm-up passing and shooting drills and position-specific drills. Moreover, there are special team drills, checking drills, quick transition drills, D Jump drills, tactical drills, small area games, and more.

About the author:

Larry, our technical director and an original Co-founder of HCV, brings over 25 years of coaching experience. He was coaching in Europe (France, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Germany, and Sweden) after a professional hockey career. His teams have secured 7 national championships and 4 European Cups during this time. Nevertheless, his profound knowledge of both European and North American hockey stems from his interactions with some of the top hockey experts.

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