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Czech Forward Skills – a Great Drill Package from Central Europe Hockey School

Would you like to improve the offensive skills of your players? Then this is the perfect package for you! Tomáš Brdíčko has put together another great package for our Drill Store!

How many drills are included in our Czech package? We’ve crafted a collection of 64 animated drills that concentrate on enhancing specific individual forward skills. Furthermore, These drills cater to players of all ages, ranging from U13/U14 to the Professional Level. You can employ these drills individually for small player groups or combine them to create skill development circuits or expand them into full ice drills.

What’s the purpose of this package? The Czech Forward Skills package aims to foster stick handling and shooting abilities. Moreover, it places emphasis on screening, deflecting, rebounds, small area play, cycling, and read and react skills. All of these drills draw inspiration from Coach Tomas Brdicko’s career experiences and philosophy, developed through his collaborations with esteemed developmental coaches in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria.

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