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Our team has been a part of Roger Neilson Coaches Clinic.

We have a new free package in our DRILL STORE! It is made up of warm-up, angling, 1@1 Skills, Defensive Zone, Passing, Shooting, and Neutral Zone Transition. Moreover, other drills use Net Front Play, D-Jump, Fore-check, Back-check, and Break-out drills. Furthermore, they were presented by the coaches at the 2019 RNCC. You can access this 46-file package from within your HCV – Coach app. Just open the PACKAGES LIST and you will find the RNCC 2019 package in the “Purchased” folder. A few of these drills have also been published in a couple of our other Drill-Store packages.

For over 30 years the Roger Neilson’s Coaches Clinic has been a summertime oasis for hockey talk and good cheer for coaches from all over the hockey world. Roger Neilson had an enormous impact on several generations of coaches and players. Moreover, these people share a willingness to share openly their knowledge and insights into the art and science of coaching. Once again, HCV is making this free package from this year’s clinic available to everyone to celebrate our sporting friendship and acknowledge Rogers’s legacy.

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