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Canada U6 (Video and Animation)
This group of packages is a great resource for new coaches and experienced coaches wanting to better understand the key teaching points and mechanics of individual skills. It guides them in teaching basic skating and stick/puck skills for youth players who are just starting out. Using multi drill skill circuits and small area games, your young players will have fun while learning basic skills to play hockey.

  • Skating A – Putting on their equipment for the first time to stick selection, first contact with the ice, getting up after falling down to basic skating. This easy to follow program will teach both coaches and players the fundamentals of learning to skate.
  • Skating B – In the second part of this program, coaches and players will follow along with the teaching progression from basic two-foot gliding to power and cross-over turns and an initiation into backward skating.
  • Stick & Puck – Coaches and players are introduced to essential stick and puck skills that include the basics for stickhandling, passing and shooting.

Canada U8 (Video and Animation)
This package has been designed to continue the progression of the young players picking up where the U6 program left off. Focus is on individual skill development for skating, stickhandling, passing and shooting.

You can get the Canada Initiation packages in our Drill Store.