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Dear Coach,

The new update is released on all platforms. Before you install it, we recommend that you sync your recent changes. To do that Open the settings menu within the app and select the Sync changes button. Moreover, after you’ve synced your files successfully, get the update here, install it over your old HCV app, and off you go! If you need any assistance, always feel free to contact our support team.

Here’s what’s NEW:

  • CLUB LOGO on ice surface: In your account settings, you can choose to have your club logo on the ice surface in 2D and 3D. If you want your drills to have your logo on the preview picture as well, you will have to open them in Edit mode, and then exit it to save the preview with your logo on it.
  • New clean 2D VIEW: We’ve polished the looks of all the lines on the ice. Now the 2D view has no more event icons displayed. Furthermore, passes show an arrow at the end so you understand from the preview in which direction each pass goes. The lines on the ice are wider, which makes your preview pictures maximally clean, no matter what screen resolution you have. Even the goalie crease lines have been adapted to the IIHF standard.
  • New PDF design: We have completely updated the formula for creating PDFs, with better font usage for better readability and more efficient usage of space. Therefore, No more printed empty lineups if not attached to a package. Line colors are shown as jerseys. The compact mode can now display more than 8 drills. And many small polished details, you should check it out!
  • PORTAL improvements: This concerns all our Portal users. We are working on many improvements to give your organization a better workflow. Some improvements that we have already made are faster portal loading times, list sorting options, added search in files dropper, file reordering, file duration, and some urgent bug fixes. New features will come next month and allow you to completely edit portal packages right from the app. Stay tuned!

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