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Developing Hockey Skills at Home – Webinar with Jeremy Rupke

Jeremy is a renowned hockey coach, who is famous for his online hockey tutorials. In this webinar, he showed us some new creative ways to work on our game. Players can now effectively improve their skills at home while they are away from the ice rinks.

Developing ice hockey skills at home is crucial for players looking to improve off the ice. Moreover, here are three key strategies:

  1. Stick-handling and Shooting: Create a practice area to work on stick-handling and shooting accuracy. Additionally, use tools like a stickhandling ball and a shooting pad to enhance your puck-handling skills and shooting technique.
  1. Off-Ice Conditioning: Use off-ice workouts to build strength, agility, and endurance. Focus on exercises that target your legs, core, and upper body. A strong off-ice fitness routine brings you better on-ice performance.
  2. Mental and Visual Training: You can practice visualization techniques. Moreover, you can visualize plays, scenarios, and strategies to improve your decision-making on the ice. Additionally, use video analysis to identify areas for improvement in your game.

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