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Our HCV Team would like to thank all of our coaches who have been working hard under some very challenging conditions. Fewer practices, restricted numbers of players and coaches on the ice, fewer games or no games at all… But we keep on going. We want to help.

With some of our most experienced coaches, we have put together the Covid Crusher package of 42 animated drills that require fewer players on the ice and keeps them well spaced apart. We can use this time to take advantage of having fewer players on the ice and more space to train in… So let’s keep having fun and playing the game that we all love.

This free “Covid Crusher” package is now available in your Purchased folder in your HCV Coach app and in your Free folder in your HCV Player app. We invite you to let your coach friends know about this new free package and how they can view all of these great drills on the free HCV Player app.

The authors from left to right: Jeremy Weiss, Tim Taylor, Rob Sedia, Larry Huras, Adam Powell, Eric Calder