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A new package, fresh from the misty Swiss Alps, has made its way to our Drill Store. The Swiss Inline Youth package comes fully equipped with 25 animated drills and 42 instructive videos. This treasure trove of content is specifically designed to enhance basic skating. Moreover, stickhandling skills, catering to the needs of younger players aged U9-U12.

The instructional videos meticulously break down the technical intricacies required to impart these fundamental skills. Notably, these resources cater to both beginners and intermediate-level players, ensuring a broad range of applicability.

Furthermore, the animated drills encompass a diverse range of individual technical exercises, races, and small-area games. These drills serve as invaluable tools for reinforcing the skills demonstrated in the video clips. The primary emphasis is on individual skating and stickhandling drills, providing an excellent platform for honing basic skating and stickhandling techniques.

Without further ado, you can seize the Swiss Inline Youth Package from our HCV Drill Store today.

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