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Looking for an edge in giving your players further individual technical development? The Home Made Skills package has the right exercises for every player on your team!

Coach Andy Küng has put together a great collection of off-ice exercises that will help players to improve their foot speed, hand-eye coordination, stickhandling skills, overall strength conditioning and their read and react skills that promote quick decision making. The main focus is on developing the technical and ice hockey motor skills required to play at a high level. This package is primarily created for U13-U20 players, but every exercise is also useful for more advanced players.

Each exercise can be done with different balls or pucks. All exercises can be completed anytime and anywhere even in a confined space or at home. Disclaimer: HCV does not take responsibility for any broken home appliances or chandeliers. 🙂

If you are not worried about that, get the package now in our Drill Store.