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Are you seeking to give your players an edge in their individual technical development? Well, search no more! The “Home Made Skills” package provides a variety of exercises for all players.

Coach Andy Küng has carefully assembled an impressive collection of off-ice exercises. These exercises aim to assist players in improving their foot speed and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, they are enhancing players stickhandling skills, overall strength, and decision-making abilities. The focus revolves around nurturing the ice hockey motor skills crucial for high-level play. This package primarily caters to U13-U20 players, but these exercises offer benefits to advanced players as well.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that each exercise can be performed using different balls or pucks. Furthermore, you can complete them at any time and in any location, including spaces with limited room or right in the comfort of your home. However, please be aware of a quick disclaimer: HCV absolves itself of any responsibility for any unintended damage to home appliances or chandeliers. 🙂

Moreover, if you’re not overly concerned about that, you can promptly acquire the package from our Drill Store. And if you happen to find value in the “Home Made Skills” package we’ve thoughtfully crafted, don’t forget to stay updated with us here for fresh, complimentary content each week.

Warm regards, Hockey Coach Vision Team

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