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We have new drills coming up! Currently, we are working on refreshing several drill store packages and adding new content to them. Additionally, we are also working on retagging all of the files with a new Tagging system. We will announce each update step by step, so stay tuned and follow our Newsletters or News section here! In all the free packages, you currently have over 340 animated content and video files, so don’t miss adding them to your own drills.


Refresh STARTER packages

There is no longer a Starter Package, but new Starter Youth and Starter Advanced packages with over 60 animations for those age levels. To get the content, go into your Purchased folder and download these free packages.


All drills of the SIG package have been updated and we’ve added another 15 drills, some of these are from our latest webinar with The Coaches Site. These small-area games can be used to work on quick transitional plays as well as Powerplay and Penalty-killing skills.

To update your SIG package, open the Purchased folder and refresh your SIG package.

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