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Dear Coaches,

We have released our big new Update 2.6.0 with many new features and improvements, that will help you be more efficient with your practice planning!

Before you update, we encourage you to secure your files using our Cloud backup feature. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings menu within the HCV app.
  2. Select the Sync changes button, wait till it has synced your files successfully, then close the app.
  3. If you have your account on multiple devices, you should repeat these steps on all your devices.

To update your app on Windows or Mac, simply download the new app and install the app over the old one. Keep in mind, you need to install the update on any device you use in order to successfully sync between them.

If you have any questions or concerns, never delete your app, just get in touch with us!

Here’s what’s new:

TAGGING system

Enough of searching endlessly for a drill that fits your players’ needs? The key is using the Tagging system!

Our new tagging system will allow you to share your drills, including your custom tags. Even the Portals will now allow you to define Tags that can be assigned to Portal drills. Don’t worry, it is completely up to you if you want to use Tags that are being shared with you. If you wish to use the shared tags, you can simply Activate them in the Edit Tags menu.

ATTENTION: Stay tuned for our next Newsletter where we will announce the update of all the Drill Store packages from the Purchased folder. All these drills will come retagged, so you can quickly find the perfect drill for your next practice.


Animated SHAPES

You can now add shapes or text to any drill. Add shapes from the Objects menu and animate them in Action mode to define when that shape will be shown. All shapes and texts will be visible in 2D and 3D and can be shown on the finishing drill’s preview picture.
If you wish to see how shapes can be timed, click on this link.


PDF options

We added the possibility to create PDF files of single drills. Chose between 2 different formats, depending on how much space your drills need for text. Each format has an additional empty rink, where you can add information, variations or progressions of that drill.


Sport mode RINGETTE

The Ringette community has been asking us for some time now for a Ringette version of HCV, so we took the time to add a Ringette rink, animations, lineups and special PDF designs specific to Ringette. You can switch to Ringette or Inline Hockey under SportMode in the Settings area of HCV.


PORTAL features

Here’s a list of just a few additions to the Portal:

  1. Custom Tagging system added to Portals
  2. Create Groups for packages to better structure your content
  3. Reorder packages, groups and packages within groups
  4. New tagged content available for Portals
  5. Combine multiple Portals to distribute content to different groups of coaches and players within an organization.

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