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HCV has teamed up with The Coaches Site to bring you this special offer. For the next 2 weeks only, we have a FREE Drill Store package for you. Just open the Packages List in any of your HCV apps and you will find the TCS Live package in the PURCHASED or FREE folder. Make sure to download it now, so you will have it saved in your Library!

The package highlights lessons shared at the TCS Live coaching conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan in June 2022 and provides step-by-step instruction on how you can execute the drills with your team. Covering a variety of hockey skills and tactics (in 41 animations and 5 videos), the package covers:

  1. Locating pucks through traffic
  2. Developing deception on the power play
  3. Using your glide to gain speed
  4. Creating space through step fakes
  5. Techniques for puck support and pressure
  6. Developing an effective transition game
  7. Plus many more relevant skills in today’s game!

Get the FREE drills in your app NOW!