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The Hockey Coach Vision’s Team attended another TCS Live Event and created the TCS Live Top 100 Drills Package for you! We had a great time with our partners – The Coaches Site in Michigan!



3-day coaching masterclass

35+ keynotes, interviews, and on-ice presentations

Networking sessions and evening socials

Private networking and access to industry experts


Coaches who attended the TCS Live Event submitted their favorite Drills to us, on a piece of paper. In collaboration with TCS, we selected the TCS Live Top 100 Best Drills from the Event and animated them. You can access the TCS Top 100 Package in the HCV app for Free to view the Top 100 Drills from the Event in 2D & 3D Animation! Click here to visit all the other free drills.

On top of that, Hockey Coach Vision hosted a contest! All of the coaches who submitted their favorite drills to us were able to win the reward. The best 3 drills won the one year Hockey Coach Vision License. Check out this cool video to see the drills that won the contest!


We are looking forward to attending more TCS Live Events in the future!

Hockey COach Vision Team

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