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We selected the Top 10 Animated Small-Area games from our library.

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No#1 NHL 3 vs 2 32-32

Set up two 3vs2 on either side of the pylon wall. Start the game with a face-off then change on the whistle. Defenders must pass a recovered puck through the towers to their forwards to shift the game to the other side. On the whistle, the team with the puck passes to the next forwards on their team to start the next 3vs2.

No#2 1@1, 2@1, 2@2 USA Small Area Games

1@1 activates 2@2. The coach shoots the puck in and the goalie plays the puck to the corner. One player from each line battles for the puck. A player winning possession passes to a teammate and then goes to the net front. The teammate shoots and then joins the play. When another team gains possession they must first carry the puck below the goal line before passing back to a teammate. Players can pass back to a third teammate who shoots but cannot join the play.

No#3 PK Defender CrossFire

Set up with 3 attackers on both sides of the end zone with 3 defenders down the middle. The attackers try to maintain puck control and make as many cross-ice passes as possible through the defenders. One defender tries to force the puck carrier to limit his time and space and force passes into tight areas. The other two defenders position themselves to cut off cross-ice passes. Defenders may rotate in a new active defender when the original defender rotates to the middle area.

No#6 2v2 D Shooters

Set up two nets on the goal line in the same end zone. Two teams line up on the blue line in groups of three with at least one defenseman shooter in each group. Play starts with the Coach passing the puck off of the end boards to start 2v2 play with a defenseman shooter from each team setting up high near the blue line. All attacks must start with a pass up to their defenseman near the blue line. To encourage D shots with traffic, goals scored off of screen shots, deflections or rebounds are worth two points.

No#7 Hanger Small Area Games

Players play 3v3 with the nets in each corner. One player must remain on the offensive side of the ice, creating a 3v2 for the other team on their offensive side of the ice. Promote offensive players hunting loose pucks and outnumbering the defending team before they can transition.

Today’s game is all about quick transition. – This game develops puck support principles and rapid transition from defense to offense. – Payers are also encouraged to gap up on the attackers and then back up to defend the area in front of the net.

No#9 Back to Back 3@3

Nets are placed back to back in the middle of the end zone as two teams line up on blue line. Coach fires puck between nets or around boards to put the puck into play. One player from each team moves into the shooting position as two players from each team try to get possession of the puck.

No#10 Outlet Tire Hockey Small Area Games

In a small ice zone 2v2 or 3v3 tire hockey with a coach outlet pass option. The team with puck possession can use the coach as an outlet as often as presented creating a 3v2. As the team puck possession changes so does the outlet pass option to the coach.

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