1v1 Angle from Center

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P1 and P2 start on the whistle. P1 must skate along the wall and may only try to cut in towards the goal after the blue line. P2 angles P1 off towards the wall and tries to push P1 outside with his body while leading with his stick trying to make contact with the puck. P2 should try to get his inside shoulder slightly ahead of P2’s shoulder without getting too far in front as P1 could then cut inside. P1 drives to the net for a shot under pressure if he wins the race. P2 recovers a loose puck for a scoring chance if he strips the puck from P1.

Key points

Proper angling technique. The defender should lead with his stick, looking to strip the puck while initiating body contact. Start at 3/4 speed for younger players and build to full speed. Attackers must attack outside to begin with then give the option of cutting inside after the blue line after players get better at angling.
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