1vs1 Contain and Escape

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Zones C1, C2 and C3 are defensive zone “containment areas”. In this game, the concept of contain is established. Forwards are given a puck to start. They face a defenseman in a 1-on-1. Forwards score a point for escaping out of the defined containment zone. Use cones, markers, or spray paint to define the boundary. Defensemen score a point for keeping the offensive player in the area. Remember to define a time limit.

Key points

Defensively this game establishes good skating skills for both forwards and defenders. Matching/mirroring skating is teachable for defenders. Cue defenders on “gap control” and giving and taking away the ice. Discuss proper eye focus on the chest of the attacker, quick feet, and active sticks. Discuss the defenders role in limiting ice and decisions to force or give way based on location. Instruct about strong inside out or net side positioning (defensively).
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