3@2 Anchor Game

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Two nets are placed across the ice from each other in the end zone. A pylon is placed in the middle of the zone to act as the anchor. Two teams set up outside the end zone in groups of three. The Coach starts play by chipping a puck off of the end boards or passing a puck into the middle of the zone to create a race for the puck. The team that does not recover the puck must anchor a player to the pylon in the middle of the zone to create a 3@2 situation.

Key points

The anchored player must keep his stick in contact with the pylon until his team regains possession of the puck. He is a quick option as soon as the puck is turned over so defenders must transition to defense quickly as the attacking team can look for a breakaway pass right away. 25-40 second shifts. Great game for working on transition play.
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