Gladiator Battles (Ringette)

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Start and transition on the whistle. Coach will yell out the match up - 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 or 3v2 to set up each battle. The athletes must stay inside the center circle to ensure that the battle is contained in a small space and the athletes learn to move the ring under pressure offensively or defend man on man. If there is a goal scored or the ring is shot outside of the circle a "new ring" will be dumped in by the coach.

Key points

On the whistle: Enter from the same side of the circle as the coach. Exit the opposite side to return to the line they started from. This is an important safety and traffic control measure to avoid collisions and maintain efficient flow of the drill. Communication,Quick transition and Decision making under pressure. Quick reaction times and learning to read pressure and openings. Quick release shooting. Provide close support to the ring carrier. Playing away from the ring and being available for the pass is a key concept.
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