3v2-2v2 Grinder

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Backchecker F1 sets up low. F2 and F3 high at the blue line. Attackers set up around F1. On the whistle, Coach passes to F1 as D4 tries to pin him so F8 can recover the puck and go. F1 back checks hard. After F6, F7 and F8 clear the zone, the coach passes another puck to F2 or F3 to attack back 2@2 against D4 and D5.

Key points

2v2 and 3v3 are played at the same time in both ends. If attackers score or defenders clear the puck, the coach puts in a new puck. Attacks last 15-20 seconds. Coach then blows the whistle to signal 6,7 or 8 to drop down to be the next back checker. Other two forwards clear out to the blue line to come back 2v2. D men defend 3v3 then 2v2 then change out.
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