3v2 Low to 5v5 Back Check+Quick Counter

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Start with 3 Fs down low against 2 D. Coach is on the half wall with pucks. C starts 3v2 play bypassing low to one of the Fs. C may pass in multiple pucks on quick clears. Another forward line waits at the top of the circle. The Center has a puck. On the whistle, the forward line at the top of the circles attacks down ice 3v2 with the previous attackers back checking to low 5v5 situation or in this version, receive new puck from C1 for quick counter back 3v2.

Key points

Red players back check hard to the defensive zone to 5v5 or here, quick counter back 3v2.Good communication between forwards and Defensemen to sort out D coverage on back check. Attack the net on the rush and drive for rebounds. Variation: Back checkers continue low for 5v5 play.
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