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F1 starts play by chipping a puck to either corner then jumps in to support and create a quick 2v1 out of the corner. F3 moves to a high slot to provide support and pass option. D1 and D2 must always force the puck carrier. Coach can allow play to continue 3v2, finishing with a low to high pass to high D for a point shot, before throwing new puck to F4, F5 or F6 for a counter attack the other way. In this option, The Coach signals F4 to jump in after the initial attack to create a 5v5 situation. Play continues until Coach whistles and throws new puck to F4, F5 or F6 to start counter attack the other way.

Key points

Quick Transition from defense to offense and offense to defense. On breakout transition, all back checking forwards must take 5 quick steps, back checking back through middle ice. Defensemen are encouraged to jump up quickly on counter attack. Work offensive zone entries with the odd man advantage. The coach may throw in a second puck if the first puck is cleared quickly by the defenders after the rush.
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