Break Out Basics 3vs2

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D1 and D2 step up over the blue line, pivot backwards then go to retrieve the puck. D-men then work together to beat imaginary first fore checker by making a low D to D pass, D to D reverse pass or call for the D puck carrier to “Wheel” the net (continue skating). F1, F2 and F3 must read the D and make adjustments to their skating patterns to time getting into their break out positions. After break out, F1, F2 and F3 circle out to middle zone, and back in 3@2 against D1 and D2.

Key points

F1 in the middle of the ice on the break out, cut across in front of the net “low and slow” to be positioned slightly behind the F taking the pass on the wall. D-men gap up quickly and try to force attack wide allowing goalie to play wide shooter while protecting the middle of the ice against the other two Fs. D must talk to let partner know whether to trade off forwards, in case of a crisis cross and a high shot option. One D should collapse to the front of the net. D try to take away lateral passes close to the net.
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