Carousell 2v1 (Inline)

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2 players start without a puck about 2m after each other from both sides. 3rd players in corners get ready for passing with a puck. Pass to the first player approaching and then to the second one. The first player coming out of the corner is the defender for the 1on1 and goes around the center face-off circle after give and go with the opposite corner in order to get into a 1on1 defending position. Step up and do a break out pass to the second player approaching once he is in proper position (swinging low). After the break-out participate as a 2nd forward in the 2on1 and try to score.

Key points

Good communication when passing. Crisp passes tape-to-tape and give and goes. Find proper timings. Play 2on1 with full speed. Defender plays proper position challanging the puck carrier but cover the passing lane in the slot. Goalies read if the shot is coming from outside or inside player and angle accordingly.
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