Comfort With Contact 2

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Players line up in pairs in both corners of the end zone. Two players start on the whistle and skate towards the blue line bumping shoulders together 3-4 times before arriving at the first pile of pucks. The inside player picks up a puck from the first pile, goes in and shoots, stopping beside the net for a rebound off of the second shooter. The outside player goes to the second pile of pucks, picks one up and goes in for a shot. In the second version, the coach passes pucks to the players in the high slot.

Key points

Players should stay close to each other going about half to three-quarters speed while bumping shoulders. After the 3rd or 4th bump, players accelerate to full speed to recover pucks and attack the net. Keep sticks down, staying in a solid skating stance to better absorb the contact and keep their balance.
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