Double Trouble (Ringette)

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On the whistle, D1 takes one or two strides then passes to F1 who is skating up the wall. F1 goes around the high cone, D1 goes around the low cone and pivots backwards to face F1. F1 now passes back to D1 who backs up with the ring two or three strides then pivots forwards as F1 curls around the low cone moving to the wall into a break out position. D1 passes to F1 on the wall then pivots backwards around the low cone as F1 skates hard out around the high cone then curls back to attack D1 1v1. Play out to the whistle which also starts the next pair of players.

Key points

Smooth feet and hands. Forward pivot towards the wall backwards then forwards keeping your eyes on the ring carrier. Defender try to force the forward out wide for a bad angle shot.
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