High Roll Shooting with Defender

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D1 rims a puck to player F1 behind the net, F1 picks it off the wall properly with his/her stick and protects the puck and cuts back to the corner. F1 continues up the wall with the puck at which point D1 moves down the wall. D2 now jumps in to defend the 2v1. F1 stays to the inside and exchanges it with D1. D1 carries it to the goal line extended and hits F1 in the high slot for a scoring attempt. Have players go at both positions.

Key points

Scan ice before receiving puck. Move feet and body to create pass/shot oppurtunities. Possess and protect puck. Move to support puck carrier (creat scissors). Stick on Puck. Stick in passing lanes for defender. Add defensive players (F on D1 and D on F1) in to make a game like 2v2 situation.
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