Low 1v1, 2v2, 3v3

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In these type of Animated Ice Hockey Drills, F1 and F2 set up in both corners, covered closely by D1 and D2. Coach starts to play by passing hard to F1 or F2 to start a 1v1 play out of one of the corners. The play continues until the next whistle when Coach makes a second hard pass to the second waiting forward to start 2 at 2 play. Play continues 2v2 until the next whistle when F4 passes across to F3 who jumps into the attack with F1 and F2. F4 jumps in to defend creating a 3v3 game.

Key points

Good body position by the defenders. Lots of talking on offense and defense. If defenders gain pocession of the puck while playing 3@3, they must make one pass amongst themselves or pass it up to the coach who gives it back and then they can attack the net. Variation: Have attacking players and defenders further from the corners and start with a dump into the corner instead of a direct pass.
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