Pick Drill (Ringette)

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P1 skates from the middle of the circle around the pick set by P2 on the C and shoots or passes to P3 for a one-timer. P2 must rub C to disrupt their skating pattern to free up P1 without fouling and taking an interference penalty. P1 replaces P2, P2 replaces P3 and P3 moves back into line as a new skater moves in to replace P1.

Key points

When picking, get to your spot and stop, letting the defender run into you. A successful pick is all about timing. Also, P1 should drive at the Center to trap her against the player setting the pick. Get off off of the pick quickly if there is a contact Disguise the release of the shot by shooting in movement. If the low defender challenges the shooter, fake the shot and pass for one-timer.
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