Quick 2v1 to 3v3

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Starts with a chipped puck by the coach & red D retrieval. 2 red Fs are supporting regroup, then attacking 1 blue D 2v1. On D first touch (or pass), 2 blue back checkers release from the bench. two back checkers release on D puck movement. If the blue team retrieves the puck off rush chance (or the goalie makes a save & they can play it), they can go on the attack. If not, play out 3v3 in the zone. On the whistle, 2 Blue Fs go to other blue line, reset drill to go the other way w/ 3 new red.

Key points

Scoring under pressure. Good communication on sorting out in the D zone. Quick transition on recovered Pucks on the rush. Next players move into position quickly if 3v3 play starts down low ready to start next rep.