Rim+Overload 5v3, 5v4, 5v5

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The red team breaks out 5v3 and plays until the whistle. On the whistle, Coach chips puck behind offensive D man who retrieves it and rims it back in hard. All offensive forwards must all touch up at the blue line to get back on the side. The next defender jumps in to create 5v4. Next whistle, Coach chips another puck, D man rims, last defender jumps in, Forwards clear and attack 5v5. The next 3 Defenders move into Neutral Zone defensive position. After short 5@5, Defenders now attack up ice 5v3.

Key points

D rim high on plexiglass to prevent Goalie from cutting rim. All forwards must clear zone together, touch up at the blue line before attacking again. Coach can spot a second puck for attackers for extended power-play time should the defenders make a quick clear.
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