Switcheroo 3v3 (Ringette)

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Coach starts play by firing a ring low at the goalie. The goalie deflects the ring to one corner or the other or if she traps the ring, throw it out to one side or the other to start 3v3 play. There are no pre-determined positions in this game. Players must be prepared to play all positions and sort out defensive coverage quickly. When the defending team recovers the ring, they move it quickly to the next three players in line who attack immediately. The previous three attackers must now quickly transition to defensive positions. Coach can speed up play by putting a 15 or 20 second shot clock in play. Extra players wait outside the ringette line.

Key points

Quick transition from attacking to defending. Players get to play all defensive positions. Lots of talk while sorting out defensive positioning. Defenders keep the attacking players outside of the good ice.
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