F1 passes up to D1 and goes to the net with good timing. D1 passes quickly to D2 who slides laterally along the blue line then steps in to shoot for F1’s stick for a deflection. D2 then goes to the wall, takes a pass from F2, passes quickly across to D1 who slides laterally inside the blue line before stepping in and shooting for F2’s stick. After 2nd shot, F3 circles low then accelerates up the middle of the ice. Coach passes in a new puck to either F1, F2 or F3 to start 3v2 up ice. D1 and D2 move up and back adjusting their gap preparing for 3v2. Coach lets the 3v2 play out normally. Both D should step up and re-set gap on double whistle.

Key points

Heads up shooting/passing by D. Forwards drive to the net with good timing to arrive at the net in a good position to deflect the slap-pass. D maintain a tight gap against the forwards at all times trying to hold their blue line on 2v2 rush. Play out low 3v2 until the whistle.Variation: a)Before the forwards reach the offensive blue line, Coach blows a double whistle to have forwards circle back over the first blue line before continuing 3v2 attack up ice. The D must then step up and re-set their gap. b) Same re-group but have one or two D move in behind the original rush so forwards can re-group with them then D jump up on attack to create 4-Man rush option on entry.
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