Roger Rönnberg

Head coach, Frölunda Gothenburg, Sweden

HCV is my best tool to plan and run high-quality practices. Saves time before and during practice and helps the players understand my strange drills.

Jeff Jackson

Notre Dame University Men’s team, USA

A great organizational tool. It has given me access to a number of new drills and the tools to save valuable time in designing my practice plans.

Bob Deraney

Head Women’s Coach, Kunlun Red Star - Vanke Rays, China

The trainer sees what we’re doing in practice and what drills injured players can and can’t participate in, the strength coach sees what we are doing in practice so he can tailor his lifts and workouts appropriately, the equipment person sees what we need in practice (cones, tires, the line colors, etc.) the video guy gets a list of drills for practice to label them for post-practice observations, the players get to visualize practice before they get to the rink and obviously, the coaching staff has a great handle on practice to make sure our practice is effective, efficient and we get the most out of our time on the ice with the players.

Rob Sedia

Professional Hockey Trainer & Scout, NewEdge Hockey Development Academy

As a long-time hockey coach, a hockey trainer, and a hockey coach educator, I have experimented with every hockey drill software/program that exists. Many of these companies send me free applications and ask for my feedback and thoughts about their product as well as ask if I would promote their software during my presentations at coach education seminars. Because I find value in several of the drill programs out there, I always mention them as resources to the coaches. With that said, this is the very first time that I am not only recommending a program but will rank it as the #1 drill software program on the market! Hockey Coach Vision is the most versatile hockey drill software that I have ever used and I am learning that this software is WAY more than just a means to create hockey drills! The animation feature of this software has changed the way we will create, see, and teach hockey drills, tactics, and concepts forever! The difference between "how" and "why"... Way too many coaches spend time trying to teach their team "how" to do a drill and less time on "why" they are doing the drill (actual teaching points, benefits, and game application etc.). When your team can watch an animated version of the drill before they hit the ice, they will get the "how" part almost immediately and you can spend more time on "why"! You will never get that from a pdf or whiteboard!

Richard Reichenbach

Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach, University of Maine, USA

Hockey Coach Vision has helped us teach our players more effectively in less time. Having a visual aid that can break down systems, drills, or scouting reports has saved us countless hours every week. Having players who speak many languages, has been tremendous at closing the communication gap. The players having the ability to see drills, systems, and scouting reports for us at any time on their phones provides them with a great tool to learn on their own time as well.

Gardiner MacDougall

Head coach, University of New Brunswick, Canada

We pride our program on providing our players with the best of resources to achieve excellence - the Hockey Coach Vision drill program has been an excellent addition to the clarity of our pre-practice sessions. Thanks to the HCV team for their excellent and prompt communication along with the super addition of many new drills to our drill bank.

Scott McFarland

Team manager, Markham Majors Minor Bantam AAA Team‎, Canada

Our coaching staff was introduced to Hockey Coach Vision at a coaching seminar, and we instantly knew it was a tool we had to have to give our Minor Bantam AAA ‎team a leg up on the competition. The drills available from the HCV store are great to start building a library of drills from, and creating our own drills, breakouts, face-off setups, PK and PP formations, etc. became straight-forward very quickly. HCV makes it easy to plan our practices and to send out the animated practice plan to the team in advance so that ice time can be focused on doing the drills rather than explaining the drills.

Thomas Van Conett

Head Coach, Michigan Warriors Hockey Program - East Central Division, USA

Our organization works with players from all levels of experience with the game of hockey. From those who have just picked up a stick and are learning to play for the very first time to those who have been playing all their lives. Hockey Coach Vision has been a useful assistant to them all. The ability for the players to see the practices and plays in advance and review them beforehand has become a fantastic new teaching tool and has helped to increase the communication between players and coaches significantly. The drill packages are an invaluable resource, and with being able to create new animated plays using a system of controls that is functional and easy to understand, we were able to pick up and adapt HCV to our needs immediately. The vision HCV had when they put this program together was remarkable, and it's come together to spectacular effect. I can't say enough good things about it.

Kyle Wallack

Head coach, Albertus Magnus Falcons, USA

After first sight of Hockey Coach Vision App, I realized we had a game changing tool to help teach our players. The ability to share our visions with players pre-practice and teach off of the program has allowed more visual learners the opportunity to grow and develop. It has allowed us as a staff to become more organized and prepared for practice and teaching sessions. I highly recommend Hockey Coach Vision for anyone looking to create a library of drills and detailed organization of your systems.

Ryan Lawrie

Head coach, Markham Waxers Novice A, Canada

As a first-time Head Coach for a Novice Rep team, the Hockey Coach Vision software has allowed me to communicate my practice plans not only with my coaching staff but also with my player’s families as well. The ability for both staff and players to see the practice plans prior to practice has saved me valuable on-ice time explaining/drawing each drill, which in turn has allowed for more effective practice. Having the ability to visualize a drill in 4 different views simply answers any questions one might have during a drill. I highly recommend the U-10 Swiss and U-10 Euro Packages as they have an abundance of drills and videos to help further young hockey players’ development at any skill level. Hockey Coach Vision is a phenomenal app that is way ahead of its time that can and should be used for all age levels.

Brian Warrilow

Head coach, Bruce Highlanders Owen Sound, Canada

Hockey Coach Vision makes the dry eraser in many cases obsolete. Players better understand and visualize drills quickly with the help of HCV. The different views, reviews and timing make this app a WOW! I think that HCV is right beside the whistle in importance to hockey coaches.

Jérémie Vianin

Assistant coach, Moskitos TOP, ValChab FUTUR, Switzerland

Nous apprécions l’utilisation de Hockey Coach Vision. Il apporte un bon complément aux outils déjà en place dans notre équipe. Les nombreux tutoriaux vidéos sur le site de HCV nous ont permis de le prendre en main rapidement et sans prise de tête. Nous utilisons beaucoup l’option PDF. Nous affichons à présent le détail des entrainements avec les lignes dans les vestiaires à l’aide du PDF généré par HCV. Les enfants (11-12ans) peuvent ainsi découvrir le programme à l’avance et nous ne perdons plus de temps au tableau lors des entrainements. L’équipe travaillant derrière le projet est soucieuse de la qualité et reste proche de leurs utilisateurs.

Rob Chevalier

Head coach, Scarborough Ice Raiders A, Canada

I never played hockey as a child. So when my kids started playing I became involved and volunteered to assist and rose through the ranks with finally receiving the opportunity to be the head coach of our A team. Due to my inexperience I began sourcing applications that can aid me in my practice plans. HVC was my answer and it has been a staple and admired by all ever since. Over the years of using it I have adopted the use of the first person view so I can show the intended puck carrier their options. Between drills available for download and the easy way it is to create new drills it has provide me with arsenal to address any situation. As great as the program is, it is what supports it that means the most to me. The team behind HVC checks in now and again and any issues or inquiries I have ever had was dealt with swiftly and professionally. As I get to know them better it becomes evident that they value the coaches using this program and they never seem to stop trying to find ways to improve it.

Pär Johansson

Former assistant coach of Frölunda HC, Sweden

Hockey Coach Vision has been a great addition to our organization. It helps us to be more organized and makes our job on a day-to-day basis easier and more efficient. We use it all the way from our Elite team through our juniors and down to our U-16 and that gives us a good bank of drills that the coaches can share with each other and in that way we make sure we are working on our system on all levels. It's also a great tool for the players to easier understand the drills and tactical files both with animations, pictures, and text. It's a tool I would recommend to other teams.

Darby Hendrickson

asst. Coach, Minnesota Wild, NHL

Hockey Coach Vision is the next level in teaching and communicating with your players.

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